Monday, May 17, 2010

One Wedding And The Opposite Of A Funeral

I stepped out of a wedding reception for an hour to do this interview with Michael Finney, host of Consumer Talk on 810 AM in San Francisco.

The best result the interview yielded is it brought my book's Amazon ranking back from the dead, lifting it from No. 550,000 to 64,000. Shut up. To me that's a high ranking because my book had been obeying Tom Petty's advice in the song Free Falling for far too long. If I can just keep getting that show to have me on every day, I'll be kicking down Dan Brown's Amazon ranking doorstep before long.

If any of you who are reading this happen to be San Francisco talk show hosts, hook a brotha up.

Oh, and the second best thing about that interview was it got me out of a wedding for an hour. Weddings aren't my favorite things, so when I went from being at one to talking about myself on the radio that was a reversal akin to the kind Mr. Miyagi pulled on members of the Cobra Kai when they attacked him in skeleton outfits.

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