Wednesday, May 12, 2010

The Two T-Shirt Ideas

I have two amazing t-shirt ideas that need to be released into the world so they can blossom and make me billions.

The first is one with a sea anemone x-ed out with a Ghostbusters sign. It will read "THE ENEMY OF MY ANEMONE IS MY FRIEND."

And the other says "SUPPORT OUR KOOPA TROOPAS."

If anyone knows how to get t-shirts made and sold without having to spend money, let me know. If you decide to steal these ideas, all the better, because I will wait for you to do all the work, make every bit of money possible from them, then come in and sue you and take all that money for myself at the end.


Unknown said...

You'll have to come up with the design, but you can print and sell them through cafepress

Unknown said...

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