Monday, May 03, 2010

I'd Like These To Be Renamed

1. American Idol - These people don't become "idols" anyway. The winners have maybe one song on the radio and then vanish into obscurity. Call it American Addiction.

2. Family Guy - The title means nothing and is pathetically uncreative, not reflective in any way of the awesome randomness of which the show often consists. Call it Tries Too Hard.

3. NATO - There is nothing North Atlantic about the treaty organization about countries such as Turkey. Just call it the We Are Still Afraid Of You, Russia Organization.

4. MTV - This is an old one, sure, but it bears repeating because there is no music whatsoever anymore on the channel. Call it Pandering Youth Reality Show Network.

5. HBO - Again, this is another TV network title that was once apropos but has aged out. People get the channel for the shows, not the irrelevant movies. Call it Overpriced Elitist TV Watching Club.

1 comment:

Unknown said...

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