Wednesday, May 26, 2010

Dogs Look Too Much Like Coyotes

My biggest problem with the amazing Wild West cowboy game Red Dead Redemption is it's too tough to know whom to kill. Early in the game there's a mission that rewards you for capping as many coyotes as possible in order to stop them from eating all the chickens or whatever. When you shoot them the game gets all happy and congratulates you and you feel like the son John Wayne and Clint Eastwood might have had together.

So I was riding around a town last night and thought I saw a coyote, so I thought I'd do the right thing and shotgun its head off. I did so, surprised that the coyote hadn't tried to make a break for it, then was chastised by the game for killing a regular dog and told that I had lost 50 honor. I think the last time I lost that much honor is when I peed my pants in second grade.

Also, I ran into a similar situation when I encountered two men bickering over a treasure map. The game told me to protect the treasure hunter, so I assumed the non-treasure hunter was the guy in the black hat, being that such a hat color usually indicates malfeasance in this genre. I headshotted him and the other guy started running off with the treasure map rather than ambling over and thanking me for saving his life. So of course I had to kill him and take that treasure map, which I could make heads nor tails of because it was apparently written in crayon, with obtuse symbology that I'll have to either decipher or not at some point later on.

So basically I just go around killing whatever for no apparent reason, just as I do in all video games. God will sort 'em out I guess.


her said...

busy night!

Aaron said...

Lol that is how all rockstar games are.