Friday, May 21, 2010

Terms No One Is Ever Allowed To Use Again

FML -- It's not only overused but overexagerated. That the check-out line at Wal-Mart is long or you have to work late today is not a justification to F your entire L.

Le sigh -- I get it, you're frustrated with something, but and you want to come across as vague and semi-cultured. Find a way to express your disappointment that doesn't employ cliché Frenglish. Go for a Jane Austen quote instead.

Stat -- You need something fast, sure, but you want to be a little creative so you pretend like you're on season 1 of ER and pull out the ol' "stat." Stop using it stat.

Said -- Referring to something you mentioned a sentence or a paragraph ago, you make with the lawyer speak and refer to said subject with a device that got old shortly after Mallrats introduced it 15 years ago.

Awesome -- I am guilty of awesome kill more than anyone. The word has been sapped of all meaning over the years, has no punch either as an adjective to praise or ironically denigrate something and now only means that something exists. What's that? You're going to continue calling everything awesome? Awesome.

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