Sunday, October 21, 2018

"911 Operator" Review

No matter how skilled and quick to react first responders are, they are only as effective as the dispatchers who field calls, siphon key, urgent information from frantic people at the worst moment of their lives, then break that info down into something actionable.

"911 Operator" from Jutsu games may be an exaggerated, over-the-top take on the career, but it's grounded enough to serve as a fitting tribute to the unsung heroes. As you field calls, it's on you to cut through the noise to help as many people as possible by getting the authorities to the places they need to be.

You provide instructions, dispatch crews or ignore a superfluous call, not letting it distract you from something more urgent. Expect to second-guess yourself often. You work at a rapid pace, scrambling to stay abreast of the tasks at hand. The stress level is high because the simulation is so convincing.

Two years after its release on PC, Xbox One, PS4 and mobile, "911 Operator" makes its way to Switch. Optimized to work well with the Switch's touch screen and Joy-Con setup, the game takes on a new vibrance and urgency.

While possibly too dry and clinical for some tastes, "911 Operator" manages to take what some might consider a perfunctory task and bestow it with the glory and reverence it deserves. While not a "fun" game by any traditional definition, it manages to get the adrenaline flowing, sucking you into its distinctive realm.
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