Tuesday, October 02, 2018

"Rise & Shine" Review

Nearly three years after releasing the run-and-gun platformer "Rise & Shine," Adult Swim games has given the game another shot on Switch.

Feeling more at home on the system than it did on other systems, the fast-paced side-scroller is an apt fit for handheld mode, with its bite-sized missions lending themselves to on-the-go play.

Set on the planet of Gamearth, the robotic overlords of Nexgen have a stranglehold on the remnants of society.

Playing as a gun-toting child named Rise, you double-jump, dash, duck behind cover and aim your weapon and fire away. Rolling through inventively designed levels, with clever platform and enemy placement, you work your way through increasingly frustrating obstacles.

With a steep difficulty ramp-up, you need to glean survival lessons thrust upon you in order to prepare for the next challenges.

With the highly meta story unfolding in stylishly rendered cut scenes, the action-packed levels keep the adrenaline flowing. "Rise & Shine" is well worth a look for those who are looking for an action platformer to add to their Switch stable.
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