Tuesday, October 16, 2018

"Monster Loves You" Review

Sly, wicked humor underlines the choice-based text adventure "Monster Loves You." Along with a deceptively innocent, children's book style art design, you make spur-of-the-moment decisions that advance your character down dark paths, guiding it along its quest to hunt and exploit people.

Released on Switch five years after it debuted on PC, the Dejobaan Games product goes all-in on its eclectic design choices. Love it or hate it, there is almost no chance you've ever played a similar game.

You're presented with decisions that shape and alter your character's philosophy and personality. The natural instinct is to button-mash your way through the proceedings, but doing so will rob you of the experience of the writing and story arc.

The problem is that the design is so repetitive and insular that it practically dares you to barrel through it. With little variance or pace changes, there is little to keep you engaged if your focus slips.

Those who crave the absurdity and satirical qualities of the writing will find much to appreciate in "Monster Loves You," but gamers who lack the patience to commit to the bizarre story may find the game too much of a beast to handle.
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