Sunday, October 21, 2018

"Zarvot" Review

Zarvot is a quriky brawler that's meant to make you smirk and chuckle as you work your way through levels filled with enemies that include bananas, milk cartons and walking crayon boxes.

Playing as two cubes -- named Charcoal and Mustard, because why not? -- you slice, slam and shoot your way through the madness.

Developer Snowhydra LLC excels at managing to convey its list of necessary skills to advance without resorting to pandering or handholding. You are on your own, stuck in the mayhem, forced to learn to survive on your wits and reflexes.

The challenge level ramps up quickly, but each level gives you adequate training, bestowing you with skills you'll need as you move on.

Much of the game plays out like a retro-styled arena shooter, reminiscent of the likes of "Geometry Wars" or even "Centipede." "Zarvot" lifts things to the next level by dressing everything up with a charming story and disarming visuals and music.

Like some sort of Adult Swim adaptation gone rogue, "Zarvot" keeps things fresh and lively by oozing equal parts unfettered personality and adamant dorkiness.
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