Saturday, October 20, 2018

"Child of Light" Switch Review

"Child of Light" is a game you sometimes just find your self staring at in admiration. Gorgeous enough to seem like a playable painting, the story follows a young girl tasked with the challenge of capturing three sources of power and defeating the evil queen, who has seized power.

It makes for a whimsical, involving journey, bolstered with clever writing and a resonant soundtrack. It finds a perfect new home on the Switch, which lets you both appreciate the gorgeous visuals and sound on your living room setup and plug away with missions while on the go.

Ubisoft Monteral's ethereal 2014 puzzle-strategy gem, emblazoned with light RPG elements, continues to shine, because many of its stylistic choices were timeless.

The characters all operate with distinct, often conflicting mannerisms, motivations and worldviews, and there are little nuggets of inspired writing and visual design lurking in every corner. I still smile when I open a treasure box, find that an enemy is hidden within, greating me with a telltale "What's inside? Homicide."

"Child of Light" is one of those games that you feel almost guilty for enjoying by yourself. You feel compelled to text all your friends and pressure them to play it as soon as possible, if only so you'll have people to chat up about the intricacies, contradictions and plot developments you experience in the deep, psychologically challenging journey.

Now there's a new opportunity to evangelize. "Child of Light" is born again on the Switch, shining as bright as ever.
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