Saturday, February 03, 2018

"Black Hole" Review

Members of the Dufgames dev squad are clearly fans of "Asteroids" and "Geometry Wars." Their take on the twin-stick shooter adds progression and upgrades, expanding the age-old single-screen bullet hell formula to add nuance, strategy and long-term planning.

What starts off as a sleepy, slow-rolling blast-and-collect routine quickly ramps up to a frenzied, laser-spraying whirlwind of desperate survival. Key early choices in upgrade trees pay off or backfire down the line. It's important to calibrate your choices to your play style.

Do you prefer to be a predator, snatching up power-ups as you hunt down enemies and obstructions standing in your path, or veer toward a more conservative route, slinking in the shadows as you plot out the ideal time to strike and advance.

Originally released for the long-forgotten Ouya and Razor Forge TV platforms, "Black Hole" finally may see the light of day now that it's fallen out of the vortex and onto gamedom's hottest platform.
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