Thursday, February 15, 2018

"TorqueL" Switch Review

A clever shape-shifting, twisting and extending puzzler, the 2D side-scroller "Torquel" makes the jump from consoles and mobile to the Switch with aplomb.

You guide a rotating box empowered with telescoping extensions that stretch out and stop or propel your progress. You navigate below, around and in between hazards to flip your box into a destination square and move on to the next level, scored on your time and skill.

The Switch version is tricked out with HD rumble, giving you a tactile response to your mishaps, as well as get a sense of your rotation via the location of the vibrations on the hanheld.

Ingenious in its simplicity, "TorqueL" can quickly become a fevered, though consistently frustrating, addiction.

Publisher provided review code.

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