Thursday, February 22, 2018

"Past Cure" Review

A neo noir mystery yarn, "Past Cure" follows a former soldier rattled from nefarious experimentation who struggles to maintain control of his mind and nerves. Using a combination of stealth, telekinetic and time-manipulating powers, you search out levels to stay a step of the dark internal and external forces that plague you.

Bringing your brother along for help, you seek to expose the torturous conspiracy that's ensnared you, seeking to isolate and eliminate your influence -- sweeping you away conveniently before you can cause problems.

As you advance through the story, you pick up new powers that enhance the speed and precision with which you can power through the obstacles that stand in your way. The trade-off is that as you apply the enhancements, you lose even more of your sanity -- jeopardizing your ability to gauge the reality of the horrors that confront you.

A dark and foreboding thriller, "Past Cure" is a disturbing and frenetically involving saga. A welcome surprise in the 2018 gaming year, it's this year's answer to "Hellgate: Senua's Sacrifice."
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