Tuesday, February 13, 2018

"Crossing Souls" Review

"Crossing Souls" is the closest thing to a "Stranger Things" video game you're likely to see any time soon. Set in 1986, the game follows a group of friends who happen upon a stone that allows them to travel between dimensions.

Juggling their personal issues among a nostalgia-soaked backdrop, you guide the pals in a typical coming-of-age and save-the-world story that unfolds over the summer. If you can feel the magic in that premise, "Crossing Souls" is the game for you.

A delightful throwback in the manner of "Oxenfree," "Crossing Souls" adds in enough gameplay innovation to keep things from feeling like an actual game from the 80s or 90s. The thought and care that went into the fabric of the game is obvious in every frame, making for a joyous, sometimes terrifying and often confounding journey. Crucially, the design is solid enough to keep the intrigue flowing, so you always long to see what will happen next.

Yet another stunning indie console exclusive for the PS4, "Crossing Souls" is one of the games that makes you grateful to own the console.
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