Tuesday, February 13, 2018

"Dynasty Warriors 9" Review

Amazingly, this is only the ninth numbered "Dynasty Warriors" game. It only seems as though there have been 30.

The latest entry continues the gradual evolution in visuals and presentation, working to add more of a methodical, reasoned pace in between massive-scale slaughterfests. Of course, those slaughterfests still remain in effect, because without them there would be little reason for these games to exist.

Developer Omega Force is liberal with the carnage, pushing the hardware to fulfill visions of mass destruction that couldn't quite be fulfilled in previous generations. You juggle three combat systems -- Trigger, Flow and Finish attacks -- applying each to situations that merit varied approaches.

Tracking the Yellow Turban Rebellion through ten chapters, the game is bursting with unlocks and upgrades. Granted, the gameplay loop is as thing as ever. Once you've hit your button-mashing fill during a session, continuing to play feels like drudgery. At least when "Dynasty Warriors 9" is tedious, it manages to be beautiful, visceral tedium.
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