Friday, February 02, 2018

"Dissidia Final Fantasy NT" Review

A remake of a cult hit 2015 Vita title, "Dissidia Final Fantasy NT" is an online-heavy, squad-based brawler that packs in a metric ton of fan service into a tight, user-friendly package.

With characters available from every numbered "Final Fantasy" entry, as well as several spinoffs, your dreams of having Onion Knight clash with Shantotto can finally come true. The remake even adds characters from XIV, XV Tactics and Type0.

There's a story mode available with a requisite obtuse plot that works as something of an extended tutorial, but the true draw here is online play. You form up teams of three and take on the opposition in lavishly designed levels, taking control of one character and leaving AI to handle the other two.

You survive by playing to your party's strengths, juggling your HP, stamina and summon meters. Mixing and matching complementary strengths and weaknesses through success and failures, adapting strategies and styles that fit your inclinations, makes up most of the challenge and fun available in the near-infinitely replayable clashes.

The PS4 upgrade paves the way for stunning visuals that match the look and flow of XV on the PS4. There's something special about seeing characters you haven't thought much about since the 8 or 16-bit days blossom to HD glory.

The online arenas are full of cutthroat devastation, so be ready to fail consistently. Luckily the game is well-designed enough to keep you willing to come back for more.

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