Monday, February 05, 2018

"Radiant Historia: Perfect Chronology" Review

Even though developers are falling over to push out games for the Switch, Nintendo's other handheld is still getting some heavy hitters. "Radiant Historia: Perfect Chonology" is the latest example.

A remake of the memorable 2010 DS saga, the new version not only reimagines every significant aspect of the design and presentation -- including new voiceovers and animations -- but adds significant new characters and storylines. Fans of the original seem to be the target audience, with so many new facets to appreciate in a second go-round.

The hero of the old school "Final Fantasy"-like JRPG is Stocke, an agent who gets ahold of a relic that allows him to hop between two branching realities, frantically altering fate in order to keep the world from plunging into oblivion.

One of the most notable new additions is Nemesia, a mysterious character who unlocks a third timeline, further clouding and adding to the mainline narrative while tacking on some intriguing additional options.

Easily the definitive version of the game, "Perfect Chronology" plays like the full realization of the developers' original vision. Ironically playing out as a second, better version of the original. Those who own the first game will probably be drawn to it after playing this version, skipping back and forth to check out the myriad alterations.

Unlike in the game's story, there's no way you can lose whether you stick with the original or jump to the new version. Those who take the latter path will be well rewarded.
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