Tuesday, February 13, 2018

"The Fall Part 2: Unbound" Review

An exploration-based, Metroidvania-based adventure with point-and-click elements, "The Fall Part 2: Unbound" makes ample use of the Switch's strengths to suck you into its dystopian world.

You play as A.R.I.D., a rogue android who can hack into hosts, controlling them to her own ends. Upgraded programming since the first outing allows her new abilities and powers that add twists to the gameplay.

Moody visuals and atmospheric music help drive home the tone. Much of the experience is backtrack-heavy and based on trial and error, but the experience lends to the feel of of the obsessive quest of the character more than it does stifle your momentum with frustration.

"Unbound" has the most to offer to hardcore fans of the original, but the uninitiated will still find plenty to enjoy and appreciate. Truly a game that establishes its own distinct feel and genre, the game has a way of lingerng with you in between sessions that go longer and leave more of an impact than you might anticipate.

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