Saturday, February 24, 2018

"Metal Gear Survive" Review

Following the awkward 2015 departure of "Metal Gear" impresario Hideo Kajima, Konami took its time putting out the next game in the series. In concept, a survival-minded, open world-set saga seemed like a savvy move.

In practice, the laborious, stilted effort seems like a rush-job, unworthy cash-in unworthy of the Metal Gear name. Even more awkard and less compelling than the awkward 2013 hack-and-slash spinoff "Metal Gear Rising: Revengeance," "Metal Gear Survive" is best left forgotten. Its only hope is that its controlled online-always nature -- even in single-player, you need to maintain a connection with the server at all times -- will yield gradual improvement.

There is some hope on that front, with a promised update in March set to deliver the co-op entry Rescue Mission -- as well as daily missions that pump out every day at noon to keep things fresh. The commitment to adding fresh content to the game-as-service is laudable, and it seems that something interesting would be added to the drab morass if only by happy accident.

As things stand, though, "Metal Ger Survive" is a largely vacant, uninspiring bore that's more like virtual babysitting than a tense game of stealth combat. With a nagging ecosystem, sprawling and empty environments and uninspiring weapon selection and combat, there is just not enough here to merit a full purchase. The product feels more like a free-to-play lark than a full-figured commitment, and its survival prospects at this point seem dubious.
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