Friday, February 02, 2018

"Railway Empire" Review

"Railway Empire" has the feel of an early 1990s PC sim that existed only to show that it could replicate an activity in the most simplistic manner.

It may not sound like it, but that's a compliment... sort of. A true, no-frills throwback with nothing more under the hood than what you'd imagine by looking at the cover. As expected, "Railway Empire" is all about, well, building railroads.

An easy-to-manipulate interface, taught by a largely unnecessary but at least uncombersome tutorial, lets you plop a station where you like, build some tracks and lay out a selection of train cars, all while sticking within set budget and mission parameters.

Whether or not a feature-poor package like this justifies its $60 price tag depends on how many hours you see yourself tinkering with your pretend train set. I'm guessing those who manage to table their excitement for a few months will be rewarded with a hefty discount and be able to board the train for the $30 or $40 it probably always should have been priced.
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