Saturday, February 24, 2018

"Pac-Man Championship Edition 2 Plus" Switch review

For more than a decade, "Pac-Man Championship Edition" and its various add-ons, rereleases and upgrades have reached about every system.

The wholesale revitalization and reimagining of the arcade classic not only synthesized the bewildering fun of the 1980s phenomenon, recalibrating it for brilliance by modern-day standards, it added new vital modes and concepts, all with rapidfire pacing.

It's no surprise that the Switch iteration manages to one-up the others. Taking full advantage of the Switch sceen's format, you move Pac-Man through the sprawling labyrinths, taking advantage of warps, power-ups and ghost chains to rack up your score in various modes.

The difficulty steadily ramps up to punishing levels that match and surpass those of old-school "Pac-Man," without the penalty of restarting and backtracking. There is always something fresh and new to enjoy, and every second you spend in Pac-Man fever feels like you are building toward something new.

The game is also a couch multiplayer ace, with such simple controls that two players can each grab a Joy-Con and compete/collaborate on the same console. The greatest game in one of the genre's legendary franchises is in its best form yet on Nintendo's phenomenal console.
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