Sunday, February 21, 2010

Curling Qs

While watching the Olympic curling match between the United States and Canada, I came up with these questions:

-How does curling get away with stealing Target's logo?

-If the sport starts offering a competitively priced blend of home furnishing, sensible yet stylish clothing and basic food staples, then will the sport really be in trouble from the lawyers?

-Are women separated from men because females are so much more adept at using brooms than dudes?

-How do people do this without laughing?

-How many picnic table blankets did Norway's team need to make its pants?

-When, while curling, does anyone curl? Or is it a mysteriously metaphorical title such as boxing, in which no one uses a box, and fencing, in which fences remain unused?

-How does one first happen into curling? Is there a gateway ice-shuffling
activity that leads to the activity?

-Wouldn't it be cool of curlers had to wear curlers? And robes? And that green facial stuff Alice from The Brady Bunch used to wear when no one else was around? And cucumbers over the eyes?

-Is Curl's Jr. the official fast food burger of the sport?

-Are you ever going to read anything else I write after reading a joke that bad?

1 comment:

Unknown said...

I often wonder how people end up in the sport of curling...glad I'm not the only one!