Tuesday, February 02, 2010

Sex, Marriage And Double Standards

Men are applauded for having sex from the time they lose their virginity, while women are celebrated for maintaining virginity as long as possible. In soccer terms, men are the strikers and women are goalies. Things are changing a bit, but overall the cultural norms remain entrenched.

The dynamic reverses when it comes to marriage, which turns women into strikers as men become goalies. Women are lionized by their female friends and relatives for getting men to propose to them, whereas men are disparaged by their pals. Engaged women are triumphant conquerors, whereas men are seen as embarking on funeral marches.

Things are equalized forever at the altar, however, when man and woman vow before God and family never again to have sex. Sometimes they have kids because they violate these vows, and that is how the human race marches on. That and all the underage births caused by daring young men who impregnate and abandon young floozies years before they decide to settle down and stop having sex by getting married.

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