Wednesday, March 31, 2010

I Wouldn't Have Been A Good Cowboy

I am thankful that I was born in an era in which people can make their living by typing on a computer all day. And I do mean computer, because I'd be screwed in the era of typewriters. I never go more then a sentence without realizing what I just wrote was unintelligible drivel and having to double back and retype it.

So if I were alive in the 1800s and forced to make my existence as a cowboy, it wouldn't have worked out so well. I can't sleep with rocks as pillows, am incapable of lassoing and am not very good at shooting, even in video games when the auto-aim takes you from bad guy to bad guy.

I've never ridden a horse, so there's another ding to my resume. I don't trust myself on the back of a horse. I'm pretty sure I'd do something wrong that would get me bucked off and paralyzed.

In summary, if I were a cowboy I'd be a paralyzed insomniac who walks everywhere while being the slowest draw in the West. On the other hand, most cowboys would probably have made mediocre bloggers.

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