Sunday, March 21, 2010

Statistics From My Las Vegas Sojourn

Net money won: $60
Money won at tables: $125
Money lost on basketball: $50
Money lost on slots: $15
Money spent on flight: $189
Money spent on hotel: $180
Total hours slept over three days: 11
Hours slept more than everyone else on the trip: 3
Most consecutive hours awake: 21
Text messages sent or received: 163
Times received the message "When did you start texting?": 5
Drinks imbibed: 19
Money spent on drinks, including tips: $21
Times buzzed: 2
Times drunk: 0
Racist-named mixed drinks heard invented: 1
Cab rides taken: 1
Tram rides taken: 1
Monorail rides taken: 5
Money spent on transportation: $41
Miles walked: 5
Times ate at buffets: 0
Times ate at McDonald's: 4
Times ate at Burger King: 1
Times ate at Quizno's: 2
Times ate at Nathan's: 1
Times ate at random non-Quizon's sub places: 2
Times Mormon dude recommended I bet against BYU: 1
Times that bet was successful: 1
Times Wisconsin screwed me over: 2
Times sat at blackjack tale: 2
Times sat at slot machine: 2
Money triumphantly deposited back into ATM upon return from Vegas: $350
Number of times heard Jamiroquai's "Virtual Insanity:" 3

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