Tuesday, December 05, 2017

"A Hat in Time" Review

The adventure game genre comeback spurred by Telltale and the horde of walking simulators has paved the way for indies to go back to the old point-and-click model and experiment in refreshing ways.

That's why we get "A Hat in Time," a whimsical time-hopping point-and-click affair with action elements. Your cherubish character, equipped with a mystically powered hat, is free to roam through environments, interacting with objects at will to advance the story.

The often irritating crucible of trial and error is there to bear, but the annoyance is mitigated by the loads of easter eggs waiting to reward you for actions that don't advance the story. You might find your character plop down on the couch to catch some cartoons, drop to all fours to chase a roomba or take the helm of a captain's chair for a free-wheeling spin.

The writing and characters are compelling enough to keep you moving along. Expect to rely on walk-throughs to make your way through some obtuse bottlenecks, though. For both better and worse, the visuals never miss a chance to cheese out.

If the methodical, point-and-click slow-roll feel of yesteryear is your speed, "A Hat in Time" is your game.
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