Monday, December 11, 2017

"Pinball FX 3" Switch Review

One of the drawbacks facing third-player multiplayer-focused titles on the Switch is the limited player base. "Pinball FX 3" negates that drawback with the bold, innovative measure of cross-platform multiplayer that extends to the PC and Xbox One.

While the ability to clash with other players worldwide on various platforms is a major draw, it would have been an even more confident and player-friendly move to allow them to access tables they had previously bought on other systems on the new device.

Because of its portability and vertical play integration, the Switch makes more sense for a pinball sim than the standard home console setup, so it makes sense that devoted players who had pumped money into the game on another system would prefer to move on to the Switch. As it stands, only the "Sorcerer's Lair" table comes for free with purchase, although it helps that the "Carnivals and Legends" expansion -- which comes with "Adventure Land and "Son of Zeus" tables -- is free for a limited time for the first week after launch.

With tight controls, varied table availability and that impressive multiplayer suite, "Pinball FX 3" is a a smart, savvy addition to the Switch library, and a joy to play either at home or on the go. Just be prepared to keep on coughing up money when you get bored of the initial tables to add another.
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