Wednesday, December 13, 2017

"Bleed" Switch Review

Originally released on the Xbox 360 as part of its indie games initiative, the platformer "Bleed" was a word-of-mouth sensation that tore up the charts and outsold many titles backed by high-profile publishers and marketing budgets. Now it comes to Switch with rough edges smoothed out and gameplay, music visuals optimized for the system.

A retro throwback, the game boasts seven fast-paced levels complete with boss fights.

While the base game is on the short side, there is plenty of reason to replay, thanks to three unlockable characters that provide new angles and twists on the narrative. There are also four difficulty levels -- as well as story, arcade and challenge modes -- to try your mettle against. The hardest of the hardcore can try to plug through the game on hardcore mode, with just one life standing in the way of you and a restart.

Switching from dual-wielding pistols and other projectiles such as missiles in a "Metroid" fashion, you zip through the levels with triple jumps, pinpoint maneuvers and a steady diet of run-and-gun.

As fun and engaging whether you take it on solo on the go or venture into two-player couch co-op, "Bleed" is a combustible action-fest that never lets up.

Publisher provided review code.

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