Saturday, December 09, 2017

HTC U11 Life Review

Five months after releasing the impressive U11, the manufacturer followed it up with an even more impressive feat. The U11 Life manages to cram just about every relevant feature of the device into a slimmer, lighter and much cheaper package.

The $349 device includes the squeeze functionality that separated its predecessor from the pack. Acting as a sort of hot key macro, a squeeze can pull up an app. While not overly useful, the squeeze provides another quick, seamless way to navigate your phone.

The Snapdragon 630 chipset and 3GB of RAM keep the device running fast and smooth while juggling multitasking functions. The dual 16MP cameras produce impressive stills and video. The proprietary uSonic earbuds, included in the box, make up for many of the audio deficiencies in the cut-rate speakers.

Android users hail software diversity and customization as a major draw, and the U11 Life feeds into that draw by integrating Amazon Alexa into its Google Assistant interface. If you want to order something off Amazon, pull up a Prime video or search for a song on Amazon Music Unlimited, it's far easier to do so on this advice than, say, a Galaxy.

The paltry 32GB storage capacity -- an expected sacrifice to keep the cost of the device low -- is mitigated by expandable micro SD memory. That the device is resistant to both water and dust adds to its utility.

Those looking for a budget, high-end smartphone can do a much worse than the U11 Life. A throwback to flip phones that fit easily into pockets along with keys and wallets, the durable, tech-savvy device is a welcome, low-cost alternative to the likes of Galaxy and Pixel competitors on the Android scene.
HTC provided review loaner.

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