Sunday, December 10, 2017

"Steep: Road to the Olympics" Review

Single-player, story-based campaigns have become the norm in annual sports titles, serving as more than the glorified tutorials they were in the past to become a significant part of the package. Ubisoft's winter sports-based game "Steep," didn't include a campaign, instead opted for an expansion dubbed "Road to the Olympics" that takes you through a young upstart's quest for gold in South Korea.

The long road to glory begins humbly, with qualifying runs on small courses with hardly any crowds to speak of. Professional and personal obstacles pop up along the way, but every setback is just more heartstring-tugging fodder the producers will eventually use to feature you before your medal attempt.

The campaign may be the main attraction, but there is plenty more in the expansion's offing. New alpine skiing, snowboard and freestyle ski events are included, adding to the base content and previous expansion to fill out the package in impressive fashion.

Since the base game that includes the expansion can be had for $60, with the expansion by itself running $30 -- you need the base game if you opt for the expansion on its own -- your options for picking up the full experience are on the inexpensive side. Luckily there is nothing cheap about the quality.
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