Sunday, December 10, 2017

"Let Them Come" Review

Developer Versus Evil embraces the joy of the turret-shooter minigame for a full-fledged experience, setting up "Let Them Come" as a horde mode with wave after wave of assaulting enemies coming after you. In between barrages, you can regroup and add upgrades to your loadout.

You'll need every edge you can muster to neutralize the increasingly ravenous difficulty. With the action always flooding the screen with enemies coming at you -- forcing you to use both your ranged and melee defenses -- there is never a moment to catch your breath.

Although the gameplay is simplistic, it never gets dull because you always feel as though you can do better with the next plunge into the fray. You're always hanging on by your fingernails, just a pixel or two away from total annihilation.

The $8 price tag may seem on the high side for what could easily be a $1 smartphone app, but those who take the plunge will find themselves with an addictive experience that packs loads of replay value.

Publisher provided review code.

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