Thursday, December 07, 2017

"Human: Fall Flat" Switch Review

Your character in "Human: Fall Flat" is a blank slate, with arms controlled by the corresponding analog stick. Before you stands a cavalcade of interlocking platforms lined with buttons, elevators and sliding crates.

Lacking the ability to jump or run, you move through the challenges methodically. When you find yourself stuck in the early stages, a handy tutorial message pops up to nudge you along. Stumbling upon the answers comes with a sense of discovery and satisfaction. Each level is well constructed, getting you to utilize your accumulated knowledge and techniques to continue to advance.

Released in May on other systems, "Human: Fall Flat" fits well into the Switch library. The game is lined with auto-save checkpoints that lend themselves to portable play.

Low-key and unassuming, "Human: Fall Flat" is a well-constructed puzzler that generates a strong sense of momentum that it never lets wane.
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