Friday, December 15, 2017

Otterbox Symmetry Star Wars Collection iPhone 8 Plus Case Review

The Otterbox name is synonymous with maximum protection, but also, somewhat unfairly, as blocky, heavy and cumbersome mummifications that rob devices of their svelte shape and utility. Over the past few smartphone generations, designers have made strides to nullify that stigma. As phones became more powerful and expensive, the need to protect them only grew, so the challenge was to provide similar levels of armor against drops and elemental exposure while preserving the sexiness factor.

With the latest edition of Star Wars-themed Symmetry cases, Otterbox has gotten the combination just right.

Image rises above function with this string of releases, with the likes of Darth Vader, a Storm Trooper and a Rey/R2/Millennium Falcon combo gracing the backside.

The phone pops into the one-piece case after a minimal wiggling and shoving, forging a tight grip with zero possibility of the device ever popping out. The case admirably protects your phone against facepalm-inducing face plants with a surrounding lip that juts out just enough to preserve the face during crashes on flat surfaces. The added bulk is barely noticeable, keeping the phone able to slide in and out of your pocket.

About the only knock against the case I have is that its slick material was sometimes slippery. The sleep button is a little sluggish to the touch, but you get used to applying more force within a day or so. The slight sacrifices are more than wroth the upside of flashing Darth Vader whenever you pull out to text or post pics, as well as the peace of mind won't mean an untimely drop means the fall of the Empire.
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