Saturday, December 16, 2017

"Party Planet" Review

The Wii suffered such a deluge of third-party party games -- all trying to recapture the thunder of "Wii Sports" -- that publishers have been hesitant to pump out such games on Nintendo systems since.

"Party Planet" joins a slim crowd in the genre on the Switch, with only the poorly-reviewed first-party launch title "1-2-Switch" to contend with. Most games of this ilk are mediocre by definition, but redeemed by their pick-up-and-playability. Goofy, fleeting fun is about all you can ask for, with the personalities of you and your fellow gamers called upon to add most of the entertainment value.

"Party Planet" fulfills the party game parameters without taking any extra steps to go beyond what you'd expect. Most of the games in the collection require minimal timed button pushes and are light-skill challenges that track and compare scores.

With few standouts and more than its share of stinkers, "Party Planet" goes for quantity over quality, managing to accomplish that meager goal. It's a reasonable pickup if your Switch library is light and you are looking for some variation to show off your system to curious non-gamers. Anyone else can skip this one and spend their time and money elsewhere.

Publisher provided review code.

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