Saturday, December 16, 2017

"Enter the Gungeon" Switch Review

"Enter the Gungeon" was one of the biggest surprises on the indie scene last year, with the retro-styled roguelike/bullet hell mashup winning over critics and players. Once the Switch dropped, it seemed like only a matter of time until the game popped up on the Switch.

In ideal fit for the Switch's handheld mode, "Enter the Gungeon" barrages you with diverse weaponry and rooms crammed with traps and bloodthirsty enemies. Loaded with unlockables, secrets and loot stashes, the adventure offers plenty of replay value, thanks to the diversity of its challenges, heroes and techniques to master.

The learning curve may be steep, but once you find yourself dodge-rolling through a spike roller to shoot out a sentry, then dodge a stream of projectiles to find yourself cornered, only to reload, work yourself into space and unleash a room-clearing attack to make your way to the exit, you feel like a true badass.

Until Devolver Digital hunkers down to forge a true sequel, fans should play the dev's near masterpiece on the Switch, in what may prove to be its definitive form.
Publisher provided review code.

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