Tuesday, July 08, 2008

All hail John McCain

That didn't take long. When you need a friend (at least on MySpace) John McCain is there for you, baby. Or at least he was for me. Only a few hours after I sent my request McCain was on it like a sonnet, welcoming me into his pool of frustrated Republicans looking to tilt the windmill that is the inevitable Obama presidency.

One hundred more years in Iraq? John, with that greased-lightning-on-a-bobsled-with-no-breaks response time, I'd support you for 10,000 more years in Iraq or wherever else you'd like to send troops in order to keep that war economy we Republicans love humming. You can even select that Haterade drinker Mitt Romney as your running mate and I'd still love ya. I mean, how can I not? We're the only two known fans of the Arizona Cardinals!

So Barack Obama, you know what this means - you're officially on notice. Better accept my friending real quick-like or else I might consider holding true to that promise of forgetting to send in my vote-by-mail ballot (with your name checked) that won't be counted until weeks after the election is in the books (and even if it were counted it still wouldn't count because of our inane electoral college system. McCain's got a bead on 'Zona regardless of whatever mistakes he makes on the campaign trail). That's not a threat, Barack, just a statement of potential fact that may come to be if certain events don't unfold the way I'd like them to. Just sayin'.

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