Wednesday, July 23, 2008


For the unfamiliar, the title of this post is the Zelda chime of success, signifying moments in the games in which you solve a puzzle or find something that was hidden. I'd like the government to initiate a program in which the sound is played over loudspeakers whenever anyone accomplishes something really cool (or even better, little earpieces that people who want to hear the chime play for them whenever they do something really awesome). Appropriate accomplishments include:

-Sex on a first date.

-Getting an extra bag of Fritos from a vending machine because the previous bag was dangling on a coil.

-Leaving work early without your boss noticing.

-Finding an ancient Master Sword - capable of slaying phantoms and rescuing princesses - buried under a bridge.

-Defeating Apollo Creed for the heavyweight championship of the world.

If we end the war in Iraq that's an extra $2 billion a week we can use to make this happen.

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