Tuesday, July 22, 2008

Christian Bale/Kristen Bell

If Abbott and Costello were alive today, the world would scamper away in fear because they'd surely be back in zombie form and looking to bite us all, spreading their undead infection until a gory George A. Romero nightmare had come to life.

But if they happened to be nice zombies that happened to retain their comedic zing surely they'd concoct a "Who's On First"-like skit confusing the names of actors Christian Bale and Kirsten Bell, whose names are homonyms.

This came to me as I drove to work and heard a news story that Christian Bale had been arrested after being accused of verbal assault by his mom and sister. In my sleepy state I was confused as to why Kristen Bell was being referred to as a "he" and why she was at the UK "The Dark Knight" premiere until it finally hit me.

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