Friday, July 11, 2008

Pathetic can be funny

I got this email today from Publish America. Subject line: "PublishAmerica puts free gas in your tank"

Dear Author,

Let PublishAmerica treat you to free gas at the pump!

Here is how we'll make that happen for authors who choose to have extra books on hand:

First, we will give you a 45 percent discount on all purchases. There is no minimum purchase limit, therefore the offer applies to orders as low as 1 copy.

Next, we will send you a check for an additional 10 percent mail-in rebate on the entire order amount. Depending on how many books you purchase, this rebate money could easily fill your tank at the pump. The more books, the more free gas!

Phone orders only, at 301 695 1707, between 9am - 5pm EST. Hardcovers are excluded, but full-color books are included! Allow 2-4 weeks for rebate check to be issued upon our receipt of your mail-in coupon. Shipping and handling charges not included in rebate calculation. Offer expires July 18.

Thank you, and drive safely!

PublishAmerica Author Support Team

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