Monday, July 28, 2008

Mossman and Stinkor, I hardly knew ye

These He-Man action figures go hand in hand because they came out at the same time and both were graced with the parent-despised trait of having a natural, pungent stank. Mossman smelled like, well, moss, while Stinkor smelled like a skunk if he had bad gas due to a feast of black licorice.

After watching an episode of the He-Man cartoon in which both characters were introduced, I was convinced that I immediately needed both Mossman and Stinkor, and my too-loving Mom foolishly complied. It was only a day of out-and-out stinkbombing that led both to be covered in Ziploc bags, and eventually to be tossed into the garbage when I wasn’t looking. Easy come, easy go.

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